About us
About us
The contractor of choice for foundation and geotechnical works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

TREVI ARABIAN SOIL CONTRACTORS is a full-service ground engineering and contracting company providing expertise in a broad range of technologies and innovative solutions towards utmost customer satisfaction.

ARABIAN SOIL CONTRACTORS (ASC), based and registered in Saudi Arabia as a limited company since 1975, was acquired by TREVI Group in 2008.

ASC was founded as an SFI (Saudi Lebanese Foreign Investment Company) by SOLTRAVO-Lebanon. Upon its inception, ASC made an imprint as a pioneer foundation company as it launched the first deep foundations and diaphragm walls executed in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Area.

Throughout the ’70s, ASC was involved in the construction of the main high rise buildings in downtown Jeddah, such as the Queen’s Building, a city landmark and breakthrough in deep foundation technology which to this day remains an emblem of engineering proficiency.

During the late 70’s and early ’80s, ASC actively expanded its presence in the Kingdom and know-how in new technologies through an international partnership which laid the ground for enhanced professional expertise. In the late ’90s, ASC merged with NCF under ASC name and became an entity within the Saudi Binladen Group. The merger widened further ASC’s area of operations as it implied a permanent presence in the Western and Eastern regions of the Kingdom.

Today, under its new name “TREVI ARABIAN SOIL CONTRACTORS” (TASC) associated to the recent acquisition, the Company is a mature foundation contracting and geotechnical engineering firm, strongly rooted in Saudi Arabia and benefiting from the broad backup and international expertise of the TREVI Group.


To provide safe and quality work throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expecially in those challenging project where our experience and core values make the difference.



Trevi Group is a world leader in all-round underground engineering and operates through its two subsidiaries Trevi and Soilmec. The Trevi Division carries out special foundations, soil consolidations and geotechnical works for all kinds of infrastructures (subways, dams, ports and docks, bridges and viaducts, railway and motorway lines, industrial and civil buildings) and secures polluted sites, while the Soilmec Division designs, manufactures and markets machinery, plants and services for soil engineering. 

Founded in Cesena in 1957, the Group has about 65 companies and is present in about 90 countries with its dealers and distributors. Among the reasons for the success of the Trevi Group are its internationalisation and the continuous integration and interchange between its two divisions. 

Among the many projects that have left an indelible mark in the history of the sector are: the consolidation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the foundation works for the new World Trade Center in New York, the consolidation of the Wolf Creek Dam in the USA, the consolidation of the LPV-111 levee in New Orleans, that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina, the recovery of the Costa Concordia, the new Copenhagen metro, the Four Frankfurt business centre in Frankfurt and the new Paris metro line.

In 2016, the Group was awarded the work to secure the Mosul Dam in Iraq, facing and overcoming an extremely complicated technological, organisational and logistical challenge that received the DFI Outstanding Project Award in 2022.

In 2022, the Group was awarded the works for the futuristic project “The Line” in Saudi Arabia, the foundation and consolidation works for the North East Link Project, the Victoria State Tunnelling Project in Melbourne, Australia, and the construction of the consolidation and drainage curtain of the Rogun Main Dam Foundation in Tajikistan, one of the highest dams in the world. 

Trevi-Finanziaria Industriale S.p.A (TreviFin) has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since July 1999. TreviFin is listed on Euronext Milan.

TREVI operates in the execution of specialised works in the field of underground engineering, always obtaining excellent results, and it supplies services with high added value and with high profitability margins.

SOILMEC manufactures plants and rigs that are used for foundation engineering. Its products are the result of an experience of over 50 years, and are tested under the most difficult conditions in the works the Group carries out all over the world through the TREVI Division.


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